Safety Precautions

Warning: A Consumer Product Safety product alert recommends that consumers do not use the Lear Car2U® Home Automation System with any garage door openers that were built before April 1, 1982.

Before proceeding with your Car2U® System set up and programming it is necessary to review several important safety items.

Important: When programming your Car2U® System, be sure that people and objects are out of the way to prevent potential harm or damage.

Important: Do not use the Car2U® System with any garage door opener that lacks safety stops and reverse features as required by U.S. Federal Safety Standards. This includes any garage door opener manufactured before April 1, 1982.

Important: Do not program the Car2U® System with the vehicle in the garage. The engine should not be running, but the ignition should be in the “ON” position.

Warning: Please make sure that your vehicle is located out of the pathway of the gate during programming to prevent gate from closing on vehicle.


Before you get started refer to the product compatibility search engine to see if your garage door opener will work with Lear Car2U® System. Know the manufacturer of your garage door opener. Have your transmitter handy. Determine if you have DIP switches. You may need a ladder, screwdriver, writing pad, and pencil or pen.